Miraal is a product designer completing a double degree in Computer Science and Business Administration. She combines her technical and design skills to build elevated user experiences that meet business goals. She is passionate about shaping habits that drive social good.

Safi →


Safi is a non profit initiative that produces a cost-effective pasteurization tool to clean milk in Kenya. This is to prevent the outbreak of a MERS, a coronavirus that is 10x deadlier than COVID19.

The idea of Safi won an international development competition after it was presented to a panel of judges from the UN, UNICEF, WHO, House of Lords.



FLATTEN is a non profit organization that was introduced at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, with the goal to help hospitals allocate their minimal resources to the most needed areas. This was done through collecting  responses from a heat map. After the initiative was successful in Canada (with collecting over 420,000 responses in 3 days), FLATTEN expanded to helping Somalia with few ventilators. 

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clove is a free-market solution that measures and labels the environmental impact of products to incentivize consumers to buy sustainably while pressuring manufactures to reduce their footprint. It's solution is a clever program that lets businesses attract new customers while enabling individuals to buy from the most sustainable sellers.

DARE Women's Foundation x ABA


5 years ago, I was privileged to take a school trip to Tanzania during which I helped build a classroom and toilets for local elementary school students. Three years later after thorough planning and organizing I partnered with the DARE Women's Foundation in Tanzania in order to found a club which teaches Tanzanian women English in order to support them within their households, but to also educate the Tanzanian youth in English. 

case studies

social impact work


case competitions

Challenge4ClimateAction 2021


Fidelity Investments Case Competition 2020


IKEA Sustainability Challenge 2020

2nd place

Lazaridis International Case Competition 2019

2nd place

Fidelity Investments challenged 56 teams to create a new approach to attract millennials to invest. My team and I designed a new marketing strategy and created custom ETFs that catered to millennials' interests. 

Microsoft Marketing Case Competition 2019

3rd place

In this competition, over 300 teams from 58 countries were challenged with finding a solution to climate changed induced problems in developing countries. My team and I came up with 'Safi' an accessible milk pasteurization handle that would help Kenyan herders clean their milk from MERS pathogens. 

In this competition, Foresters Financial challenged participants to come up with a plan to help its insurance clients stay healthy and happy. We pitched "Dr. O", and interactive chatbot that tracked users physical activity and well-being, rewarding them with insurance discounts as they improved their lifestyle. 

Hewlett Packard Live Case Competition 2019

semi finalist

Microsoft challenged students to come up with a marketing plan for their upcoming product, Microsoft Teams. My team and I came up with a plan that involved rewarding students who showcased how they used Teams throughout the school year with scholarship prizes.

The IKEA team challenged over 170 teams to develop a call to action to help millions of Canadians make 'one small change' towards fighting climate change. Our team proposed 'Seeds for Change' ... targeting children as they are best wired to change habits.

How can HP encourage more millennials to print? This was the question over 1000 students were asked in HP's 2019 Live Competition. Our group presented a printer that would be able to reuse already printed paper by removing the ink and reprinting on it, making it ideal for students.

case studies

social impact work


case competitions